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With the fast pace of life these days, many of us can feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Studies show that stress can negatively affect our decision-making skills, creativity and ability to work well with others.

The Clear Mind @ Work program is meditation & mindfulness training made simple, practical and for everyone. This unique program,  offered both in-person and via online livestream – for organisations and companies – is designed to give your people tried and tested tools to help improve mental and emotional well-being as well as resilience, through learning how to develop and maintain a calm, clear and positive state of mind, working from home or from the office.

The Benefits

Meditation for the Workplace

In-person & online livestream meditation and mindfulness sessions, designed to reduce stress and promote well-being

Discover simple and effective meditation and mindfulness training techniques that will allow you to be more centred and grounded in the present moment. Build and maintain balance between a mentally and physically active life, while retaining a calm, clear, and focused mind, throughout your day. Especially important during the challenges of modern life.

“I have learned a lot from the meditations sessions at work; mostly to be more patient with my colleagues, to be kinder and more helpful and to stay calm during difficult situations.”
— Nathalie

The Workshops

Tools for Success


The Meditation Toolkit

Learn to recognise what it means to be busy on the outside but calm, relaxed and focused on the inside. Discover simple techniques to improve mental balance, focus, inner calm and well-being.


The Mindfulness Toolkit

Learn a highly practical approach to developing and maintaining a healthy self awareness, and through this, how we are able to make wiser and healthier choices in our working and personal lives.


The Change Toolkit

Learn to use mindfulness and meditation to embrace the changes and challenges we meet in our home and working lives, without the unhealthy stress and anxiety they often produce.


The Leadership Toolkit

Discover a revolutionary approach to leadership and how we can all develop the skills to work and lead with wisdom, understanding and compassion. Learn how to positively influence others.

Workplace Teacher

The program is led by Kadam Adam Starr, the resident teacher at Tara KMC. He is a former Director of a global media company and long-term meditator and teacher of meditation and mindfulness. He has taught the Clear Mind @ Work program internationally for many years to organisations including Barclays Bank, BNP Paribas, Blackrock Investment, Heineken Ireland, Maersk Group, Mars Nordics, European Environment Agency, International Red Cross, and the Danish Parliament.

Contact Us

Design your workplace program

We offer a one-hour, free introductory talk for groups looking to complete the full program. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively you can call us on: 01 492 7136


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We will work together with you to create a program structure that suits your employees and work schedules. Sessions are offered both in-person or via online livestream on Zoom platform.

The program is flexible and supports the demands of the busy working environment. You may book any combination of the workshops, although we generally recommend following all four. If you book more than one, you should allow a week between them so that the participants can familiarise themselves with the tools acquired before the following workshop.

The total cost per workshop is €500 for the in-person workshop option, and €250 for the online workshop option, with no per person fee and no limit on the number of attendees. The full course of four workshops costs a total of €1800 for the in-person option, and €900 for the online option. Note: concessions may be provided to charities or smaller organisations on application.

In certain situations a one-hour, free introductory talk can be provided demonstrating how these proven tools can significantly benefit your organisation and people. The session also includes a simple guided meditation. This is provided where an organisation intends to complete the four module program.

A quiet meeting room is required for in-person sessions. Alternatively, for online sessions,  participants can log in and attend from home or if they are in the office they can log in from a quiet room.

Each of the four workshops lasts preferably 1½ hours, and in any case no less than 1 hour. Workshops may be scheduled at any time of the working day, including lunchtime.

That’s fine. Our program is tailored to speak to both those who are new to meditation as well as those who might have some experience

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