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Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly livestream meditation classes, as well as regular weekend workshops. Click on the options below to find your perfect class or to learn about upcoming events. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, be more present, improve relationships and discover authentic happiness.

Weekly Classes

Meditation & Mindfulness in Limerick

Suitable for everyone, our livestream meditation classes are a perfect opportunity to take a break from busy daily life and experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. 

Learn how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to overcome stress and increase your inner peace and well-being. Classes include talks, guided meditation and Q&A. 

Finding a Deeper Joy
in Relationships

Why is it that so often our relationships and interactions with others trigger painful emotions? Why do we sometimes feel anxiety when we are separated from those we care for? And why does what appears to be a “perfect match” so often end in resentment and blame?

The answer to all these questions can be found within Buddha’s teachings on love, attachment and empathy.

By learning to distinguish between these very different, but often mixed states of mind, we can establish the foundation for lasting harmonious relationships, improve our experience of pure love and solve many of our daily problems.

This series will introduce powerful meditations and wisdom insights into the kindness and good qualities of others encouraging us to keep a mind of love, even when a relationship is difficult.  There will also be a special meditation introduced that allows us to step into the shoes of another person and empathize with them, seeing the situation from the other person’s perspective. With practise these meditations insights and tools allow us to be more compassionate, understanding and patient with others, especially those that we find challenging.

July 5 – Overcoming difficulties that keep our relationships stuck
July 12 – Finding true connection
July 19 – Exchanging our self with other 
July 26 – Unlocking deeper joy in our relationships
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Living our Best Life

Are you living your best life? Would you like to improve your life? In life we rarely take time to contemplate these questions.  We often get caught up in the day to day activities and busyness of life. 

Join us for this meditation course where we will take time to contemplate these important questions.  We will explore through meditation tried and tested methods to direct our mind in a positive way so that we can live our best life, a life we can be proud of.

Jun 30 – Our Life & Opportunity
Jul 07 – Living our Best Life Now
Jul 14 – Creating a Positive Future
Jul 21  – Choosing Wisely
SPECIAL PRICE when you book online for the entire series (25% discount)

Easy Like Sunday Morning

These sixty minute drop-in meditation classes offer a perfect opportunity to take some time out, relax into our Sunday mornings, focus on our inner well-being, and set ourselves up in the best possible way, for the week ahead. Each session will include a deeply relaxing guided meditation, as well as practical and inspiring insights – that Buddha taught – to help us access, develop confidence in, and actualise, our innate potential for great peace, joy and fulfillment in our lives, from the inside-out.

Upcoming Events

Meditation Workshops & Retreats

Our  livestream meditation workshops and retreats are an ideal way to experience the benefits of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training. These weekend events allow us the chance to explore the teachings in more depth than is possible at our drop-in classes. Learn how to use Buddhist wisdom and meditation to solve daily problems, improve relationships and find lasting happiness. Events include talks, guided meditations and Q&A.

International Event – Empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni

Everyone is welcome to take part in this International Festival whether an experienced meditator or a complete beginner. At this inspiring festival, Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab will grant the empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni at the Temple for World Peace at Manjushri KMC ...
29 Jul - 13 Aug
All Day
Manjushri KMC
No event found!

In Depth Retreats

Upcoming Meditation Retreats

Mandala Offering Retreat

A mandala offering is a traditional imagined offering whereby you envision the entire universe transformed into a pure land and then mentally offer this to the Buddhas. A beautiful and creative practice, it is an extraordinary method for generating positive energy. ...
10 Jul
9:30 am - 7:30 pm
Tara KMC, Dublin

Vajrasattva Retreat

On this day retreat we can deepen our understanding and experience of karma and purification. In particular we will gain practical experience of Vajrasattva meditation, the Buddha of purification, through which we can purify and release our mind from all its negativity. Through this practice we will naturally become happier. ...
17 Jul
9:30 am - 7:30 pm
Tara KMC, Dublin
No event found!

Study Programs

Take your practice Deeper

Our Study Programs are the perfect opportunity to take your practice deeper, learn more about the teachings and make authentic progress. Although the live classes take place in Dublin, our Study Programs are available to everyone throughout Ireland by correspondence. Find out more by clicking on the link below.

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