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Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly in-person meditation classes, as well as regular weekend workshops. Click on the options below to find your perfect class or to learn about upcoming events. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, be more present, improve relationships and discover authentic happiness.

Weekly Classes

Meditation & Mindfulness in Galway

Our weekly in-person meditation classes are a perfect opportunity to take a break from busy daily life and experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. 

Learn how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to overcome stress and increase your inner peace and well-being. Classes include talks, guided meditation and Q&A. 

Mind Yourself,
Happier From the Inside Out

Mind yourself! many of us say it to those we love every day, meaning take good care of yourself today. However, in our ‘always on’ lifestyles, how often do we simply press pause on our own lives, and give ourselves the time and space to take really good care of ourselves?

In particular, to take really good care of our mental and emotional wellbeing? and thereby continually improve our overall levels of happiness, fulfilment and resilience in everyday life, becoming happier from the inside-out!

Each week, in this new series of drop-in weekly talks and guided meditations with Barry Walsh – which are suitable for everyone – we will explore how despite our initial doubts, we can all accomplish this in time.

We all know how it makes sense to take good care of our physical wellbeing on a daily basis, even if we don’t always find it easy to do! However, many of us are less aware it’s possible, and therefore don’t give much attention to the idea of taking really good care of our mental & emotional wellbeing and resilience on a regular basis.

When we don’t give attention to this area of our life, we can at times (or for some people, much of the time) feel overly burdened with increasing levels of unhealthy stress, anxiety and unhappiness. The result of this, is that it can all too easily land us in a place where we don’t feel consistently good within ourselves, good about ourselves or good about life.

We will explore how meditation and taking a more mindful approach to everyday life are practical tools anyone can learn, to change this. To learn what it means to take really good care of, and thereby continually improve and strengthen our overall levels of mental & emotional wellbeing and resilience on a regular basis.

As a result of this, we discover what it means to feel increasingly (and more consistently) good within ourselves, good about ourselves – and our potential to live with increasing peace of mind, happiness and wellbeing, from the inside-out – and good about life.

Sep 6 – Mind yourself, happier from the inside-out
Sep 13 – Life in balance, a new model for a happy life
Sep 20 – Meditation, the mind & experiencing our innate wellbeing
Sep 27 – Mindfulness and feeling fit for life
Oct 4 – How to disconnect to reconnect, with ourselves & others

Note: Each class in the series is self-contained, so please feel free to attend the entire series or drop in to any class, any week. There’s also an opportunity to stay back for a cuppa and chat after class if you wish, in what’s always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The following series will begin on Oct 18 with Barry Walsh

Upcoming Events

Meditation Workshops & Retreats

Our meditation workshops and retreats are an ideal way to experience the benefits of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training. These weekend events allow us the chance to explore the teachings in more depth than is possible at our drop-in classes. Learn how to use meditation to solve daily problems, improve relationships and find lasting happiness. Events include talks, guided meditations and Q&A.

Upcoming Events

Meditation Workshops & Retreats

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In Depth Retreats

Upcoming Meditation Retreats

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Study Programs

Take your practice Deeper

Our Study Programs are the perfect opportunity to take your practice deeper, learn more about the teachings and make authentic progress. Although the live classes take place in Dublin, our Study Programs are available to everyone throughout Ireland by correspondence. Find out more by clicking on the link below.

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