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Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly online meditation classes, as well as regular weekend workshops. Click on the options below to find your perfect class or to learn about upcoming events. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, be more present, improve relationships and discover authentic happiness. 

Weekly Classes

Meditation & Mindfulness in Galway

Our weekly online meditation classes are a perfect opportunity to take a break from busy daily life and experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. 

Learn how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to overcome stress and increase your inner peace and well-being. Classes include talks, guided meditation and Q&A. 

Reclaiming Joy
& Positive Energy

Note:- Attend in person at our new meditation centre in Dublin or livestreamWe can all feel energetically depleted and lacking in joy at times. Whether it’s just at the end of a long day, or rolling on day-by-day, the responsibilities and challenges of daily life and the times we live in, can leave us all feeling a little (or a lot) flat and joyless at times.

In this series of meditation classes – with Kadam Adam – discover how we can all change this for the better. Learn simple, powerful meditations and skilful ways of relating to ourselves and life, that will help us to naturally boost our positive energy, as well as reclaim and maintain a deeper sense of peace of mind and joy in everyday life, no matter what comes our way.

Nov 02 – Meditation and reclaiming joy and positive energy
Nov 09 – Gratitude, tuning into a deeper peace, joy and pure energy
Nov 16 – The freedom, peace and joy, of being true to yourself
Nov 23 – Unlocking positive energy, the power of motivation

Can’t attend the class? No problem, the recording is available on demand for 48 hours after class, to those who book by Tuesday 6pm. Please email us if you require this link. 

Learn to Meditate,
at Home

Drop-in on these weekly classes and learn how to meditate, or upgrade your current meditation practice, from the comfort of your own home. We all have the potential to become accomplished meditators, and find a deep and stable inner peace and happiness through this time-honoured practise. Each week, we will combine training in particular meditation practises – drawn from the inspiring Lamrim (stages of the path) meditations – combined with advice to help us continually improve our meditation skill set and experience.

Can’t attend the livestream class? No problem, the recording is available on demand for 48 hours after class, to those who book by Thursday 6pm. Please email us if you require this link.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

These new sixty minute drop-in meditation classes offer a perfect opportunity to take some time out, relax into our Sunday mornings, focus on our inner well-being, and set ourselves up in the best possible way, for the week ahead. Each session will include a deeply relaxing guided meditation, as well as practical and inspiring insights – that Buddha taught – to help us access, develop confidence in, and actualise, our innate potential for great peace, joy and fulfilment in our lives, from the inside-out.

Can’t attend the livestream class? No problem, the recording is available on demand for 48 hours after class, to those who book by Sunday 9:30am. Please email us if you require this link.

Simply Meditate, at Lunchtime

Take a peaceful break from your day, and enjoy these deeply relaxing guided meditations and brief advice on how to maintain that sense of inner calm, peace of mind and positive energy throughout your day. In this way we can return to our day with a calm, clear and peaceful mind, feeling genuinely refreshed and re-energised for the rest of the day ahead.

Please book your bundle of lunchtime classes before Monday at 11.30am each week. You will then receive a confirmation email followed by a link to the classes.

Upcoming Events

Meditation Workshops & Retreats

Our online livestream meditation workshops and retreats are an ideal way to experience the benefits of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training. These weekend events allow us the chance to explore the teachings in more depth than is possible at our drop-in classes. Learn how to use Buddhist wisdom and meditation to solve daily problems, improve relationships and find lasting happiness. Events include talks, guided meditations and Q&A.

International Event – Empowerment of Green Tara & Teachings

Everyone is welcome to take part in this International Festival whether an experienced meditator or a complete beginner. At this inspiring festival, Gen-la Dekyong will grant the empowerment of Buddha Green Tara. The week will also include teachings, meditations and retreat. ...
22 - 28 Oct
All Day

Becoming a Friend
of The World

Note: Attend in person at our new meditation centre in Dublin or livestream - Is there a better way we can meet the challenges we face in our lives and world today? that leads to an increasing inner peace, freedom and happiness, as well as a deeper connection, love and compassion for others? Thankfully, yes! ...
06 Nov
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Tara KMC Dublin & Livestreamed
No event found!

Study Programs

Take your practice Deeper

Our Study Programs are the perfect opportunity to take your practice deeper, learn more about the teachings and make authentic progress. Although the live classes take place in Dublin, our Study Programs are available to everyone throughout Ireland by correspondence. Find out more by clicking on the link below.

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