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Weekly meditation around dublin

Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly livestream meditation classes throughout Dublin. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, improve relationships and experience authentic happiness. 

Resilience, Hope, Courage,
in difficult times

It’s true these are difficult times we live in. Yet, it is also true that it is possible to develop a consistent feeling of courage, hope and optimism about the future, no matter what challenges we face in our lives and world.

In this series of talks and guided meditations at Dalkey Castle – with Kadam Adam – we will learn time honoured meditations and practices for daily life, that Buddha taught specifically for times like these, known as the ‘Training the Mind’ or ‘Lojong’ practises.

At the heart of these practices is learning how to transform our experience of the difficulties we meet in our day and world, into a training in inner or spiritual growth and development.

We will learn how to let go of feelings of stress, overwhelm and so forth, as well as the excessive and often debilitating fixation on ourselves they can all too often generate, that naturally undermines our sense of self-esteem and feeling of connection with others.

Instead, we will learn how to live from a growing experience of inner peace, genuine happiness, resilience and the courage to live our best life, no matter what’s happening in our day or world, as well as a deeper sense of connection, love and compassion for those we share our life with.

Apr 27 – Living with resilience, hope and courage in difficult times
May 04 – How to upgrade our peace and happiness, and how it helps everyone else
May 11 – The courage to love, and the key to living our best life
May 18 – Developing authentic self-esteem 
May 25 – Class postponed this week due to maintenance at Dalkey Castle
Jun 01 – How to deepen our connection with, and love for others
Jun 08 -Improving our lives and world through fearless compassion
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