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Weekly meditation around dublin

Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly meditation classes throughout Dublin. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, improve relationships and experience authentic happiness. 

Training in Happiness (Dalkey)

Whilst we all want to be happy, we may not be aware that happiness is actually something we can all train in. Happiness is a state of mind, and like any state of mind it can be cultivated, increased and strengthened through training.

In this series of talks and guided meditations – with Kadam Adam – we will explore how it all starts with discovering that whilst good external conditions are necessary to support a healthy and happy life, they are not the main ingredient to a consistent experience of happiness in everyday life. That main ingredient that Buddha discovered is inner peace, and meditation is a training in developing and maintaining a deep experience of inner peace and happiness throughout our days and life.

Each week in this series, we will learn practical meditation techniques and ways of relating to ourselves (and our potential for positive change), others and the world around us, that naturally increases our inner peace, happiness and positive energy in everyday life.

Sep 14 – The art of training in happiness
Sep 21 – No class due to retreat
Sep 28 – Letting go of unhappiness
Oct 5 – Being kind to ourselves and others
Oct 12 – The courage to love, the key to happiness in relationships

The following series will begin on Oct 26 with Kadam Adam

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