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Weekly meditation around dublin

Suitable for everyone, we offer weekly meditation classes throughout Dublin. Discover how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, improve relationships and experience authentic happiness. 

Healthy Mind - Happy, Resilient Life (Dalkey)

We can all experience difficulties in our lives that can impact our mental health, emotional well-being and resilience. This can all too easily lead to increasing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, insecurity and depression, even in the most resilient of us.

In this series of meditation classes with Kadam Adam – which are suitable for everyone – through talks and guided meditations, we will explore how genuine mental health is not simply the absence of anxiety, depression and so forth. It is the experience of a truly healthy and resilient mind. 

We will explore Buddha’s timeless advice for everyone, and meditations, to discover how it’s possible gradually over time, to accomplish exceptional levels of mental & emotional well-being and resilience, an increasingly healthy mind, that leads to increasing happiness in life.

We will learn special, highly practical meditations to experience the pure, peaceful and essentially healthy underlying nature of our own mind. We will explore how we can use these to gradually let go of the unhelpful habits of mind that lead to all unhealthy emotions including anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and insecurity.

We will also learn how to develop and maintain peaceful, positive states of mind that lead to increasing peace of mind, genuine happiness and inner resilience, the hallmarks of a truly healthy mind, and the basis for a genuinely happy life, from the inside-out.

Feb 8 – How a healthy, resilient mind is closer than we think
Feb 15 – Meditation and letting go of unhealthy emotions
Feb 22 – No class  – Venue unavailable
Mar 01 – Building inner resilience in daily life

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