Suitable for everyone, our drop-in meditation classes in Limerick are a perfect opportunity to take a break from busy daily life, increase your inner peace, happiness and well-being, and experience the benefits of meditation for yourself.

Learn how to use Buddhist meditation & mindfulness training to solve daily problems, be more present, genuinely happy and improve relationships. Includes talks & guided meditations. Drop in to any class, any week.

Mindfulness 2.0 –

The power of positive thinking

Talks and guided meditations

Wednesdays, Apr 4th to Apr 25th | 18:30 to 20:00 | with Barry Walsh | at Your Yoga Centre, 1st Floor, Hook & Ladder, Corbally Rd, Limerick

These days the term ‘mindfulness’ is becoming part of our popular culture. The word is generally used to describe the practise of non-judgemental self-awareness. In this series, we will discover how the Buddhist meditation tradition offers an enhanced understanding of, and training in, mindfulness.

This highly practical approach to training in mindfulness – which is suitable for everyone –  involves combining the practise of non-judgemental self-awareness, with an inspiring and highly effective approach to personal development. What we could call ‘Mindfulness 2.0’.

We will explore the three principal negative habits of mind (known as delusions) – attachment, anger and confusion / ignorance – which are the root source of all our unhappiness and inner problems. We will discover how training in meditation & mindfulness enables us to cultivate the peace of mind and freedom that comes from gradually reducing their power and letting them go.

We will also learn how to cultivate peaceful, positive habits of mind – patience, non-attachment and wisdom. We will discover how developing and maintaining these three is both a powerful antidote to delusions, and a source of deep and lasting peace of mind, inner resilience and happiness.

Apr 4 – Mindfulness 2.0 – The power of positive thinking
Apr 11 – Letting go of attachment & craving, through training in non-attachment
April 18 – Letting go of anger, through training in patient acceptance
April 25 – Letting go of confusion, through training in wisdom

The classes are suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation & mindfulness. The classes include a talk, two guided meditations and time for Q&A. Each class is self contained. So, you can just drop in to any class, any week.
Drop-in fee (per class): €10 | free for supporting members
Class Card: (4 x classes): €30 – 4 x classes for the price of 3