Live at Tara Centre

Our Kadampa spiritual community is a modern day example of living and practising Buddhism. Residents balance communal living with an independent lifestyle outside the centre. For all those who decide to spend some time with us, this is the perfect environment for self-reflection and peace.

Whilst most residents have active lives and jobs outside of the Centre, all residents contribute to the community through their voluntary work. This includes cooking, cleaning, gardening, and organising meditation workshops and classes.  All skills you could bring will be very helpful to us and for those who have yet to realise their skills, the centre may offer an opportunity to develop them.

Some of the benefits to living at a Dharma Centre are:
-An opportunity to thoroughly immerse oneself in the spiritual life of the centre
-Being part of a Bodhisattva family working to benefit others
-Forming deep sangha friendships
-Learning new skills
-Helping Dharma to flourish
-Opportunities to cherish others in many different ways

If you are interested in coming to live at Tara Centre, please contact the admin director: