Volunteering at Tara Centre

Tara Centre is a volunteer-run charity and there are many ways you can support the activities of the Centre. Volunteering can be undertaken by anyone with minimal or no training.

These include:

  • Reception – answering the phone & door
  • Assisting Classes – making others feel welcome, taking money, making tea
  • Cleaning the centre – there is always cleaning needing to be done in our large Centre
  • Distributing our Publicity – we like to put our fliers out in all areas of Dublin, so let us know if you go to any cafes or places you can leave it for us.
  • Doing the shrine offering – these are changed daily, so we need different people available every day for this job
  • Shopping – we  constantly need to replenish our household items, and of course, the biscuits!
  • Special projects – occasionally we will have a special project, including painting, building, designing etc

Volunteering at the Centre can take as little or as much time as you wish and every little help will be greatly appreciated! If you have any particular skills to offer or areas you would like to be involved with, let us know!